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Corona Beer Has a Trump Problem

The Trump effect is hitting Mexican beers. After Donald Trump was elected president, the U.S. company that distributes Corona took a 7% drop in the stock market. Constellation Brands stock has not recovered since the elections with it stock down 10%. We all know that Trump’s aggressive stance towards Mexico. That fear is what has the largest importer beer company in the U.S. fearing a big import tax or a “border tax” that could cost the company millions which in the end the consumer would have to pay more for that refreshing Mexican beer.

It is unclear how much would a “border tax” cost but Trump recently threatened General Motors and other auto makers that have factories in Mexico with a 35% tax. Unlike the auto makers Constellation can’t shift Corona manufacturing facilities north of the border. Constellation CEO Robert Sands went on to say “As you know, our imported Mexican brands can only be authentically produced in Mexico and sold in the U.S.”
Constellation currently imports Mexican beer brands Corona, Modelo and Pacifico. Ya veremos que pasa con esto.

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