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Crappy Immigrant Jobs: “Bicycle Food Delivery Guy”

I live in New York City, the place where you can get literally anything delivered. From food, groceries, even your dry cleaning can be brought straight to your door. That’s why it’s a great city for shut-ins. But who is it that delivers your food an underwear to you? Immigrants! It is almost a universal truth that the guys that are bringing you your food have been in the U.S. a couple of years at most. The vehicle of choice is the bicycle, as not everyone has a car in New York and parking is awful. That means that in all kinds of weather you see these brave men, (they are almost always men), riding their bikes around. During hurricane Sandy I saw these poor dudes out delivering food to jerks that decided that they didn’t give a damn if these people were out in a hurricane, they wanted some pizza. It also gets pretty cold here in New York as well so the intrepid bike delivery guys create hand protectors on the handlebars with newspaper and duct tape. You have to admire their ingenuity.

It’s a crappy job and yet they are thankful to have it. A lot of these guys send money back to their families and depend on whatever horrible job they can get. I never order food if the weather is inclement because I feel bad having these dudes out in the rain or whatever because I’m too lazy to cook. At least they are getting a lot of exercise, I guess.

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