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“Cristela” Gets Picked Up For A Full Season


Cristela, the Latino driven show created by comedian Cristela Alonzo, has been picked up for a full season. The program has received both critical and popular accolades from viewers. It is loosely based on Alonzo’s own life growing up in Texas in a Mexican-American family. The show initially was picked up for a short run but its success prompted the network to order a total of 22 episodes. The likelihood that it will then get a second season is pretty good. It’s no surprise that Cristela would be successful. Not only is the writing and acting solid but thematically it is plugged directly into the zeitgeist. Also it’s really funny.

Along with Jane the Virgin, Cristela represents a new breed of Spanglish language television that is primarily Latino in focus but can appeal to everyone. But, because network execs are afraid to do anything out of the ordinary, the show almost didn’t happen. Alonzo had to shoot the pilot on a shoestring budget and the network had little faith in the show. That’s because Latino sitcoms have rarely been attempted much less been successful. But as the Latino population of the U.S. increases exponentially, Cristela and Jane the Virgin are only the beginning. It’s a psychological fact that people like to see themselves represented in their entertainment. What do I have in common with the people in your average White suburban sitcom family? Not much.

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