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Cuban Cigars For The Ladies

In order to bolster their crappy economy, Cuba has come up with a plan to market cigars to women. The iconic manufacturer Romeo and Julieta has created a skinny cigar for the ladies. Of course, short and narrow cigars have always existed. Watch any Clint Eastwood western and you’ll see him sucking on a thin one. But this is different, guys. Why? Because…they said so.

The cigar will be unveiled next month at the Havana Cigar Festival. All Cuban cigars are produced under the watchful, bearded eye of the government agency Cubatabaco. The small island nation government is hoping that they’ll be able to bring back the 90s, when being a female cigar aficionado was en vogue. Demi Moore and comedy murderer Whoopi Goldberg were among the women seen sucking on stogies.

Over the last few years hurricanes have damaged a lot of the tobacco crops and, given that the smokeable plant is one of Cuba’s main agricultural crops–second only to sugar– Cuba is banking on increasing cigar exports via the female demographic. That’s a good idea, guys! Maybe next year they will start a campaign to sell sugar to skinny people. “Increase your ass, with Azucar!” Via BBC.

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