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Cuban Coffee Is Coming To America


I’m Cuban-American which means that I grew up drinking plutonium level espresso shots of Cuban coffee. When I was a little kid and we would visit Miami, my grandfather would stop a few times a day to pick up a shot of the good stuff for a dollar from the many kiosks around town. During my childhood I just assumed that cafe Bustelo WAS coffee. Like, that that was the only coffee on the market because it was the only kind we ever bought. But it wasn’t until I visited Cuba for the first time that I had REAL Cuban coffee, grown on the island. That changed my life. If you are ever in Havana, stop by La Casa de las Infusiones in La Habana Vieja. Trust me.

Now Swiss coffee company Nespresso will be importing Cuban made coffee for the first time since the 1959 revolution that brought Fidel Castro into power and led to the trade embargo. They will begin selling Cafecito de Cuba pods for their Nespresso machines. I wish they would just sell the beans. I’m old school in my coffee making. I like to do it manually with freshly ground beans. Yes, I am that guy.

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