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Cuban Doctor Contracts Ebola In Sierra Leone

One member of a large team of doctors and medical professionals sent by the Cuban government to help with the Ebola epidemic in Sierra Leone has caught the deadly disease. Dr. Felix Baez Sarria is being treated by British doctors and will be transferred to a hospital in Geneva for further medical care. Cuba sent a 256 member medical staff to assist with the grossly understaffed medical facilities in Sierra Leone. They received worldwide praise for this action, even getting some love from vice president Joe Biden. That is extremely rare. The truth is that the Cuban government uses its legendary doctors as an export. They had a deal with Hugo Chavez to trade medical care for oil. Medical personnel are one of the few exports that Cuba has in abundance. This is due in no small part to their world class free education system.

I come from a family of Cuban doctors. Literally everyone in my family is a doctor or a nurse. I know how great Cuban medicine can be. As much as I am a critic of the Castro government, I have to give props where props are deserved. The truth is that as far as medicine and education goes the Cuban Revolution has been an overwhelming success. Even if in every other way it failed, (which it did), as far as human rights, democratic elections, and general dictatorial goings on it gets a big fat F. I know that this statement is going to get me in trouble with a lot of the Cuban exiles in Miami, but facts are facts, asere.

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