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Cuba’s Love Motels Making A Comeback

Love is in the air and many Cuban’s are demonstrating it in the streets. There has been an epidemic of people having sex in public in Cuba and authorities are cracking down. Up until the 1990’s citizen’s would go to the “posadas”, or “love motels”, where you can rent a room by the hour. All those love motels have since been turned into homes for hurricane victims. The only alternative are the private inns at a $5 price tag for three hours, which roughly is a sixth of the average Cuban’s monthly salary, ouch!

For those that can’t afford the price tag the only alternative is finding dark stairs, parks and even the boardwalk. In a move to clean up the public areas and end the practice of lovemaking in Havana’s public spaces, Cuban authorities are bringing back the “love motels” which they hope will diversify the options of love and give privacy to couples battling against the housing shortage and multi-generational living.

“Our goal is to recover that demanded service of great social impact and, undoubtedly, very profitable,” a translation of the interview read. “The main thing is to show that we can full fill that purpose at the state level, and although we have the certainty of winning, we do not want to create false expectations,” Munoz Chang, director of the Provincial Housing Company of Havana, noted.

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