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Danna Paola Debut in Hollywood

The Mexican actress and singer, Danna Paola, will make her debut in Hollywood by winning the main role over Selena Gomez, who was the favorite to be the main character for the movie Saving Sara Cruz, which will start filming this year. The film, Saving Sara Cruz, will be a remake of the famous movie of the nineties The Bodyguard, starring Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston. This new version will be directed by the Argentine Joaquín Cambre. Only 18 years old, Danna Paola has done several telenovelas and recorded several albums. She began acting when she was very little, at the age of four years old she appeared in the Mexican version of Sesame Street. When she was 6, she recorded her first record Mi Globo Azul and her first main lead role in the telenovela María Belén. In 2009, she was the main character of the teen telenovela Atrevete a Soñar (Dare to Dream), this novela and its album had great success in Mexico and Latin America. This young and talented latina is currently working as Elphaba in the famous musical, spanish-language version of  Wicked.  Look out Selena Gomez here comes Danna Paola.

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