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Danny Trejo Bashes Donald Trump’s Border Wall Plan

El Machete recently talked about Trump’s Border Wall Plan. During the same day the U.S. government shut down, Danny Trejo was at the Los Angeles Mission helping serve food to the homeless and expressed his feelings about Trump’s plan.

He said it’s a waste of money because no matter how high it is, Trump is not accounting for how far below ground it needs to go. Trejo continued to share his beliefs that Trump has delusions of grandeur and just wants his name on something rivaling China’s famous landmark.

In October, eight wall prototypes were shown to the public. The models, which all stand between 18 and 30 feet high, are an initial step to set Trump’s nearly 2,000-mile border security plan into motion.

As of now, Trump has refused to sign off on a federal budget that does not include at least $5 billion to go towards a wall.

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