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Danny Trejo To Open A Doughnut Shop

Danny Trejo is adding doughnut maker to his resume with his latest venture Trejo’s Coffee and Donuts. This comes two years after he opened his incredibly popular taco restaurant Trejo’s Tacos. The new doughnut place is in Los Angeles on the corner of Santa Monica and Highland and is bright retina scaring pink. They are hiring so if you are looking for a job this might be your ticket. Much like his taco place he will have offerings for people who are gluten free as well as vegans. You’d think that a tough guy like him would be less tolerant of other’s needs but it turns out that he’s actually a bit of a sweetheart.

I haven’t been able to get out to LA in a few years but I wanted one of my first stops to be Trejo’s Tacos. Now I know where I’ll be going for dessert.

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