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Desperate Drug Lord Chapo Guzman Wants Quick Extradition To US

Parece que “El Chapo” Guzman ahora si quiere que lo extradiden a E.U. por falta de dormir. Apparently “El Chapo” is so desperate to get some sleep that he rather be sent to a US prison. Guzman’s defense team is seeking to negotiate with US authorities to ship the drug lord para el norte de la frontera within two months. His lawyer when on to say, “He can no longer take this situation.” As part of a security measure, prison authorities wake up Guzman every four hours to make sure he is still alive. What a tough decision, on one hand you stay in a Mexican jail where you can possible escape again if you don’t turn into a zombie first, or you rot in a US jail with no hope of ever escaping.

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