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Diego Luna Gets Rejected During SXSW

Diego Luna, director of the soon to be released Cesar Chavez biopic, took to the streets during South By South West to ask a question: do you know who Cesar Chavez is? Sounds simple enough, right? Unfortunately, Luna found out the hard way that taking to the streets during one of the largest festivals in the country is the best way to be ignored by a lot of people. Those who were nice enough to take time out of their busy schedules gave answers so bad that poor Diego could only swear aloud in frustration. Not only did pedestrians on Cesar Chavez Street have no idea who Cesar Chavez was, but they also didn’t recognize Diego Luna. The only person who was able to answer the question to any degree of satisfaction was some kind of half-man/half-robot that was probably downloading the information to his cyborg brain as he spoke.

The movie, which comes out on March 28th, stars Michael Peña as Chavez, and has received mostly positive reviews during the interactive portion of South By South West. I suppose a silver lining here is that if no one knows who Cesar Chavez is, then that’s all the more reason to make a movie chronicling the man’s life. For those of you who’d like to learn a little more about the Cesar and the movie, check out a recent interview given by Diego during the festival.

Diego talks Chavez

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