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With The DNC Starting, Latinos Ask”¿Y Hillary Que?”


The Democratic National Convention started today and after the horror that was the Republican National Convention last week, Latinos are looking with hope to Hillary Clinton. You know, except for the few Latino weirdos that are for Trump. It’s clear that Trump is not for Latinos, but the question is whether or not Hillary is going to be good for Latinos or whether she’s just not as bad as Trump. From a lot of what she says she is going to continue many of the policies of the Obama administration. Let’s face it, Barack Obama’s record with Latinos is mixed. Yes, he helped implement DACA and DAPA but he also deported two million people.

Hilary had a great opportunity to reach out to the Latino community and help herself get some votes from the Latinos in Texas by picking Julian Castro as her running mate, but instead she chose Tim Kaine. It seems a law of politics that you have to have at least one old White guy on your ticket in order to run for office. The truth is that Hillary’s outreach to Latinos has been a bit ham-fisted at best. She just doesn’t understand our communities. But ultimately it is a question of the “enemy of my enemy is my friend” and make no mistake, Trump will make this country a living hell for Latinos.

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