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Donald Trump Bid $120,000 To Have Dinner With Salma Hayek


We all know that Donald Trump has a thing against Mexicans pero no para Salma Hayek. In 2008, Trump paid $120,000 of the charitable Donald J. Trump Foundation’s money for a private tour of one of Paris finest vineyards and to have dinner con la hermosa mexicana Salma Hayek. Claro si esto hubiera basado hoy en dia Salma would have turned him down. But it looks like Trump never actually flew to Paris let along have dinner with Salma. Trumps staffers confirmed the tour never happened and tax paperwork was never filed. So were did the money go? According to the Washington post, since 2008 Trump has only made two charitable contributions. One to the Police Athletic League of New York city and a 206 donation of $1 million to a veteran’s group. Tal vez they should investige this and his tax returns.

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