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Donald Trump Wants To Help “Latino Hispanics”


At last Sunday’s gladiatorial combat known as the second presidential debate, Donald Trump said something really interesting. He used a term that I have never heard before to describe us: Latino Hispanics. This could just be some stupid made-up word like “bigly” that he throws around as if they are real, but it got me thinking about what we call ourselves and what other people call us as well. For many years the term Hispanic has been used interchangeably with Latino. But many people feel this is a problematic. Does Hispanic mean someone of Spanish descent? Someone who speaks Spanish? Many people who would qualify as Latino are not Hispanic because they either don’t have any or much Spanish blood or they only speak English.

So, we use the term Latino or Latina. But recently this has been challenged as well. Unlike in English, these are gendered terms. This would seemingly leave out trans and non-gender conforming people from the mix. We then came up with the term Latinx. Not that I would expect Trump to know that. But who are these “Latino Hispanics” who all live in the inner cities “living in hell”. What if you don’t qualify under his understanding of a “Latino Hispanic”? I don’t live in the inner city nor do most of my Latino friends. He seems to only have an idea of us as either poor people living in the barrio hooked on crack or as undocumented immigrants.

But how will he help the rest of us “Latino Hispanics” that don’t fit that mold? My guess is not much.

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