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Doritos New ‘Lady Friendly’ Chips For Women

Doritos seems to always be launching a new line of chips but this time they may have gone to far. This time around they are creating a new line of chips designed specifically for women. ¡QUE! Doritos has decided to genderize their nacho chips, this ought to go over well.

In a recent interview with Freakonomics, Indra Nooyi CEO of Frito-Lay’s laid out the problems women face when it comes to snacking on chips. “Women don’t like to crunch too loudly in public. And they don’t lick their fingers generously, and they don’t like to pour the little-broken pieces and the flavor into their mouth.”

No lo puedo creer, are we still living in the 1950’s where women can’t be in the same room when men talk about business issues. Now the CEO of Frito-Lay’s is going to tell me what I like and don’t like because he is an expert on what women like.

So are we suppose to eat soggy or chewy chips? Social Media went crazy with this one and one particular tweet sums it up.

“In response to Doritos lady friendly crisps I shall be eating the biggest crisp I can find crunching really loudly burping and carrying a packet of crips as a handbag.”

I have no problem getting my fingers dirty and licking off the residue from a bag of Doritos and even drinking a cold beer in public. Rather than winning over the hearts of its female fans, Doritos has managed to ostracize them.

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