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Doritos Rainbow Flavor Is A Dream Come True

Seems that Doritos is always coming out with some new flavored chip and now they have harnessed the rainbow with Doritos Rainbow. Que, yes Doritos has come out with a rainbow flavored chip. You may be asking yourself what does a rainbow taste like. Well, no one really knows but Doritos gave this new chip a sweet lemon-lime flavor with a hint of what might be grapefruit or another citrus fruit. Food Blogger Markie Devo was lucky enough to taste them and his description was  “These are very unusual/flavorful, they give you a nice tangy/sour vibe … I love them!” 

Unfortunately, these new chips are only sold in stores in Mexico. No word if they will ever make it over the border. So if you are a Doritos fan and find yourself south of the border make sure you get a bag or two and enjoy the rainbow.

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