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Drake And Jennifer Lopez Hooking Up?

La bella Jennifer Lopez has been linked to her ex-husband, Marc Anthony, after her split from Casper Smart in October. Pues que creen, parece que ahora J.Lo has a new man. There have been rumors swirling around Drake and J.Lo as the 30 year old rapper has been spending some quality time with J.Lo. They both insist that they’re working on music together y nada mas. Algo me dice otra cosa, pues Drake fue a J.lo’s show in Las Vegas and Lopez reportedly declined a New Year’s Eve performance to spend more time with her rumored man.

Y si eso no fuera tan obvio que tal la foto? The couple recently posted a photo on Instagram donde están bien abrazados. Según el rumor dice que ya son pareja pero Rihanna is not sticking around to find out. Drake’s on again, off again relationship con su ex may be getting heated as Rihanna unfollowed J.Lo on Instagram. Pues ya veremos que pasa con esto.

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