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Drug Cartel Involved with Young Cuban MLB Baseball Star

An article in the Los Angeles Magazine alleges that Dodgers young superstar, Yasiel Puig, was smuggled from Cuba into the United States by a Mexican drug cartel.  According to the article, a Miami based air conditioning repairman named Raul Pacheco, help fund the transportation of Puig to Mexico by the Mexican drug cartel, Los Zetas. Pacheco had allegedly agreed to pay the smugglers $250,000 to  get Puig out of Cuba. After arriving in Mexico, Puig was held for weeks at a hotel in Isla Mujeres  just a few miles from Cancún, Mexico while trying to extract more money from Pacheco. Los Zetas threatened to give him a machetazo and whack off a finger, arm or whatever it would take to destroy Puig’s baseball career if Pacheco did not pay up.

Sadly this is a standard and dangerous procedure. Cuban baseball players have become a hot commodity fueled by the desire to escape Cuba and the demand for great young baseball players, we will continue to hear similar stories like this.

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