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The Eagles File Lawsuit Against Hotel California In Mexico

The legendary band, The Eagles, is suing a hotel in Baja California Sur Mexico over copyright violation. According to reports the band is suing the owners of the Hotel California for using the band’s most famous song, Hotel California, without permission.

The law suit states that the hotel was misleading guest to believe the hotel, the band and its signature song, Hotel California, are related. Apparently the hotel was playing Eagles songs including Hotel California threw there sound system for guest to enjoy. Their gift shop was also selling t-shirts that called the hotel “Legendary” as if the hotel was associates to the band.

Y si eso no fuera todo the hotel owners would promote the hotel to U.S travelers as the bands inspiration behind the song’s lyrics. But the Eagles singer, Don Henley, said in an interview that the song Hotel California is about a journey from innocence to experience. “It’s not really about California, it’s about America.”

Now the band is hitting back and filed a lawsuit before a Los Angeles federal court against the hotel owners. The band is now seeking compensation for the damages and a halt to violations of its intellectual property.

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