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Fashion Trends: Scorpion Manicures


The latest fashion trend is nail scorpions. ¿Qué? That is right real baby scorpions on nails! The trend started in September when Lupita Garcia, a scorpion artisan and enthusiast, suggested to the staff at a nail parlor in Durango, Mexico to have a Scorpion-themed manicure.

The scorpions used are the second most deadly and poisonous in the country. With just one sting it could kill a person in less then 20 minutes. And since Mexico has always had a problem with scorpions, pues ya se imaginan, there are plenty scorpions to be used.


A baby scorpion is killed with bug spray and it goes on the manicurist’s table and glued on a women’s nail with the stinger left on. Even though the baby scorpion is dead it is still highly venomous. Despite that, women in Mexico are flocking to have the baby scorpions fitted to their own nails and glued on. Currently this trend is only popular in the northern part of Mexico, but who knows this trend may spread throughout Mexico and even other parts of the world. Aunque se haga mas popular, yo no me atreveria hacerlo, desde chica le he tenido miedo a los escorpiones. ¿Uds se animan?

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