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Fher of Maná Almost Dies of Plastic Surgery

Seems everyone is getting plastic surgery these days especially the rich and famous and all to look younger but at what cost?

Fher Olvera, the lead singer of the Mexican band Maná grabbed plenty of attention at the Latin Grammys over the appearance of his face. You can clearly see that he had plastic surgery or way too much botox.

Many are comparing his new appearance to Mickey Rourke and Walter Mercado. Fher has had some work done in the past and on one occasion almost payed with his life. Fher’s ex said “En el tiempo que estuvimos juntos se hizo una cirugía muy peligrosa en Los Ángeles, en la cara. Casi se muere porque le cortaron una vena. El doctor cortó una vena que no debía y le hicieron unos tres cortes creo, en la garganta, se estaba desangrando, tuvieron que parar la operación.”

Fher is a well known artist with lots of success, why does he have to get plastic surgery especially when it could cost you your life. Even if things go well most of the time the results just don’t look natural and you end up looking like a mess.

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