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Forever 21’s New Selena Line

The Queen of Tejano Music, Selena Quintanilla seems to get more popular every year. We will always have her music but for her fans that want more they have had plenty of new Selena products to purchase in the past years. There has been a Selena baby book, Selena grocery bags, Selena cups, and Selena makeup. You can now add a new clothing line to the list.

Forever 21 has recently revealed a new affordable line of clothing launching the White Rose Collection in honor of Selena.

“As an artist, Selena is a legend that resonates so deeply with our customers,” Forever 21 said in an email. “We have Selena product in our stores on a constant basis, and they are some of our highest performing styles. Because of this, we wanted to do something special and launch a collaboration with her to give our fans what they want!” 

Anyone who knows Selena, and has watched countless archival performances on YouTube, knows the white rose was her “thing,” hence the appropriate name of the new clothing line.

Starting at $15 dollars you can by T-Shirts to sweatpants, and of course bustiers.  The White Rose Collection will be available nationwide, and online.

March 31 is the 24th anniversary of the iconic star’s death. She would have been 48 years old this April. 

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