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Fresno Tacos Baseball Team

The taco is the most popular item on the menu when it comes to Mexican food so much so que hasta los gringos saben que es un taco al pastor. Well now the taco has gone where no other Mexican food item has gone. Recently the Houston Astros’ Triple-A affiliate, the Fresno Grizzlies, changed their name for a day to the Fresno Tacos with custom designed jerseys and logo.

Me pregunto por que? Could it be because the taco is arguably the most popular food on the planet, after all they are affordable, you can combine many ingredients and they are so deliciosos. Well the real reason behind the name change was the Grizzlies fifth annual Taco Truck Throwdown, a night celebrating the signature foods of California’s Central Valley. Regardless of the reason I think this was a very cool idea and I love the taco inspired uniforms. I think its time to go out and get some tacos.

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