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Beat The Polar Vortex Cold With Latino Alcohol!

January 30, 2019 

With the weather being effing cold where I live in New York City, I of course want a drink. Other parts of the country are even worse with the polar vortex thing. Luckily, we Latinos have created a bevy of liquor options for your imbibing pleasure. These liquors are great on their own or in….


An Ode To Cheap Latin American Knock-Offs Of Popular Toys

January 18, 2019 

This past month I was clearing out some stuff from my mom’s house and putting my old toys into storage. Among all the badass Millennium Falcons and Castle Greyskulls, I found my old bank. It’s a Mickey Mouse bank made of toxic carcinogenic plastic. His shorts are blue instead of red and his face looks….


Maduros And Tostones Are The Greatest Thing Ever

January 07, 2019 

Consider the plantain. What could be more Latino than the plantain? This king of bananas, is a staple in the diet of many Latin American countries. It’s cheap, it’s versatile, and delicious. Every country has its own plantain recipes, but the two most popular are variations on the tostone and the maduro frito. The same….


Like Your Christmas Tree? Thank A Mexican

December 25, 2018 

Right now, families all over our great country are still enjoying their Christmas trees. For many of us, decorating the tree is one of the best parts of the holiday season. And who should you thank for the opportunity to partake in this great tradition? A Mexican. Here’s a fun fact: most of the Christmas….


This Noche Buena Ditch The Turkey For A Lechon Asado

December 23, 2018 

My family’s Christmas dinners were often different than the dry, tasteless turkeys eaten at our neighbor’s houses. My uncles would dress a whole pig and marinate it overnight in mojo de ajo. Then they would slowly roast the whole pig in a homemade wood and metal box for about 8-10 hours. All day we would….