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Anna Simon

Who’s the hottest woman in the world? According to FHM España, that distinctive title goes to Anna Simon. Never heard of her, you say? Don’t worry, neither had we until today. After some serious investigative research (aka, Wikipedia), we’ve discovered that the gorgeous Anna Simon is one of the hosts of Tonterias Las Justas, a comedy show that airs in her native Spain. We’ve never seen it before, but we can totally see why it’s popular (hint: It’s Anna).

Going back to that whole “most beautiful woman in the world” thing, it’s really hard to be an objective arbiter of beauty, but we do know this: if you’re going to give someone that title, FHM España, you best be sure that there’s a lot of photographic evidence to back up your claim. In the meantime, we’ll settle for the pictures above and this video below.

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