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Cholombian Sideburns Of Death

Teenagers are always coming up with new and interesting ways to dress weird. It is part of growing up. It serves the dual purpose of pissing off your parents and making you feel like you belong to a group. Case in point: the Colombian cumbia fanatics called cholombians that live in Monterrey, Mexico. These transplanted teens have a dress code all their own. They wear baggy pants and shirts with religious icons. Around their necks they wear large monastic style scapulars advertising their particular clique. The thing that stands out most is their hair. It looks like the greasy love child of the coif of an Aztec warrior and Flock of Seagulls. They shave the back and grow out the top and the sideburns. The ‘burns are then shellacked to their heads with lots of gel. These sideburns would eat Jason Priestly’s sideburns from 90210 for breakfast.

Via Vice.

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