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Happy Black History Month To Our Afro-Latino Brothers And Sisters

While next month is Hispanic history month, February is black history month. In the United States, we tend to think that the only Black people are African-Americans and Africans. We tend to forget that 40% of Latinos are of African descent. During the slave trade, 95% of African slaves were brought to Latin America. Afro-Latinos have made an immeasurable contribution to Latino history. What would Afro-Caribbean or Brazilian music be without African influence? It wouldn’t exist. Baseball is full of Dominicans, Panamanians, Cubans, and Puerto Ricans of African descent. So, we decided to make a list of some of the most famous Afro-Latinos. There is absolutely no way that we could make a comprehensive list. So, to our Afro-Latino brothers and sisters, Happy Black History Month!

In gallery order:

Rosario Dawson, actress
Celia Cruz, singer
Manny Ramirez, baseball player
Zoe Saldana, actress
Antonio Maceo, Cuban revolutionary
Omara Portuondo, singer
Compay Segundo, guitar player
Ibrahim Ferrer, singer
Alex Rodriuez, baseball player
Mariano Rivera, baseball player
Michelle Rodriguez, actress
Soledad O’brien, journalist
Pele, soccer player
Roberto Clemente, baseball player
Rosie Perez, actress
Sammy Sosa, baseball player
Sen Dog, rapper
Vincente Guerrero, Mexican revolutionary


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