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Mad Hot: Marisol Gonzalez

The internet and the mainstream media are fawning over Mexican sports reporter Marisol Gonzalez, who’s causing quite a stir at the Super Bowl media day. Our response: welcome to five years ago, fellas. To satiate your thirst for this gorgeous woman, we’re republishing this gallery from November of 2011.

The Girl: Marisol Gonzalez is a sports reporter for Mexican media behemoth Televisa. Think of her as the other Ines Sainz, or the Mexican Erin Andrews. Prior to working on TV, she won the 2003 Nuestra Belleza competition.

The Rant: The holiday season is here, which for a lot of you means flying back home. This weekend I was on a flight for over three hours and were miserable because the person in front of me was a flaming piece of human excrement that deserves to be called much worse. In case you’re on the duller end of the intelligence spectrum, I am of course referring to the fact that Captain Inconsiderate had no qualms reclining his seat. It doesn’t just make me unhappy, it makes everyone in the plane unhappy. How? Let me explain:

Person A is the recliner. Person B is the person behind Person A (the recliner). Person A experiences +2 Happiness, but causes a -3 happiness for Person B. They in turn recline, increasing their happiness by 2 but resulting in only a 1 point loss in happiness. Unfortunately for Person C (sitting behind Person B), their happiness has now decreased by 3 points. By the end of the flight, the happiness has been decreased for all passengers EXCEPT for the assholes in front row, who enjoy not only a +2 happiness from their reclined seats, but also a substantial +4 happiness from the extra leg room and close proximity to the restrooms. The moral of the story: if you recline your seat while traveling on a plane, you’re worse than Hitler.

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