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Mariana Echeverria

If I’ve learned anything from the last time I put up a girl gallery, it’s this: you guys aren’t reading this. You’re looking through the pictures, sure (thank you, by the way), but anything below the images of gorgeous ladies never meets your eyeballs. So here’s what I propose: I’ll give you the pertinent details on the woman you’re ogling, and will use the remaining space for my ramblings. Deal? Deal.

Today’s gorgeous lady is Mariana Echeverria, television host for Mexican humor program Guerra De Chistes. Now, the rant: the other day, I took my dog Winston Firehawk Cobrakiller (that’s his real name) to the dog park. My pup loves to play fetch. Dude’s fast (he’s a black lab mix) and full of energy. The one thing he isn’t? Dominant. On one occasion, the tennis ball I’ve been throwing landed by another dog. Needless to say, he grabbed it before Winston could fetch it. I was hoping he would fight the other dog for his ball. Nope. He walked back with his head down and stood next to me, giving me a “he’s got my ball look.”  The other dog’s owner brought me back the ball, but instead of throwing it for Winston, we went home instead.

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