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Mark Sanchez “GQ” Pictures Are Hilariously Bad

Have you guys seen the pictures from the upcoming September issue of GQ? Future savior of football Mark Sanchez is the cover boy, which is probably for the worst. The photo set is an accompaniment to a profile of the player, which in itself is kind of absurd. An excerpt from the article:

“Maybe the most striking thing about Sanchez’s home is what’s on the DVR. Holding a white towel around his waist, heading for the shower, he flips through his saved shows. A documentary about Justin Bieber? Episodes of Glee? The quarterback of the New York Jets is a Gleek and a Belieber?”

Quality journalism there, GQ. Obviously your readers want to know what Sanchez is into instead of, you know, how he’s dealing with the pressure of being the face of the franchise and the league.

On to the photos. In the first picture, The Sanchize looks like AC Slater (played by Mario Lopez) from Saved By The Bell. Speaking of which, we now want a sitcom in which Mark Sanchez spends the entire series referring to Atlanta Falcons QB Matt Ryan as “preppy.”

And then there’s slide number two, a photo of Sanchez strutting up the stairs of The Meadowlands looking like a Miami Cuban from the 1960s. Or better yet, like Harvey Keitel in Taxi Driver.

via GQ

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