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Mexican Vampire Girl Goes To The Venezuelan Tattoo Expo

This week tattoo and body modification enthusiasts from all over the world are meeting in Caracas for the Venezuelan Tattoo Expo. You can go there to get some ink, have implants put under your skin, stretch your ears, hang from the ceiling by hooks in your back, and other things guaranteed to make your mom cry. While we are entirely too squeamish and cowardly to get any of this done, we do have to admire the most extreme among these tattoo lovers. Take Mexican Vampire Girl, for example. Maria Cristerna was a lawyer in Mexico who decided she wanted to transform herself into…um…a tattooed vampire demon, we guess? She has 98% of her body covered in tattoos, prosthetic fangs, and subcutaneous metal horn implants. It was probably a smart move for her to find a new job as few people want their lawyers to literally have horns. You can see a very thoughtful interview with her here. She says the important thing is to accept people the way they are and not judge them on their looks. Aw.

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