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On Being A Latino Star Wars Fan

George Lucas has once again set about trying to destroy what’s left of our childhoods. Today, the first of the “Star Wars 3D” series is being released. It’s “Star Wars: Episode 1 The Phantom Menace”, so it’s easy enough to stay away. Not much can be done to make that film worse, but I refuse to see the original three. They were never meant to be in 3D and in order to do it he’ll have to superimpose the image on itself to create a stereoscopic image. This is what makes 3D films so dark and lacking in definition. I’m so sick of all this 3D crap. Maybe you want to pay $5 extra to get a crushing migraine, but I don’t. Plus, he keeps altering them. Those aren’t the movies I grew up with anymore. He actually said in an interview recently that Han never shot first, it was only in our minds. Your mind games won’t work on us, George.

Still, we have our memories. There is no denying the worldwide impact of “Star Wars”. When I saw “The Empire Strikes Back”, I was three years old and living in Mexico. I first witnessed the glory of Han Solo and Yoda in Spanish. It may seem like a little thing, but it isn’t. Context colors our perceptions. For me, there has always been a connection between “Star Wars” and my Latinoness. Those movies were with me at a time in my life where I spoke no English and had little interaction with non-Latinos. When I was little I couldn’t wrap my mind around the name Lando Carlissian. So, I called him Carlos Lissian because it made more sense to me. So, I’m gonna skip the 3D crap and watch the theatrical release of “Empire” with the Spanish captions on. I don’t think I’m alone, either. Here is a fun gallery of people who also seem to mash-up “Star Wars” and being Latino in their head.

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