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Wish List: Harley-Davidson Seventy-Two

Ever since our pops got himself a Harley-Davidson a couple of months ago, we’ve been wanting one of our own. And now, as if The Universe is trying to tell us something, Harley-Davidson released the Seventy-Two Sportster. The bike, named after East L.A.’s Whittier Boulevard (a traditional cruising street also dubbed as “Route 72”), is a modern nod to the customization culture. Some personal favorite features are the awesome “Hard Candy Big Red Flake” paint job, white side wall tires, chrome laced wheels, and the chopped rear fender, which exposes the rear tire. to the thin whitewall tires.  It may be inspired by vintage culture, but there’s certainly nothing “old man” about this beauty.

[Harley-Davidson Motorcycles]

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