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Gene Simmons Thinks We Should All Speak English

KISS frontman and notorious a-hole Gene Simmons weighed in on the immigration debate by saying that he thinks you should either speak English or get the hell out. Because, you know, the guy you want examining the complexities of the immigration crisis is a guy who wears clown makeup and spits fireballs. Simmons is himself an immigrant who came to the United States from Israel as a small child. In his mind he believes that Latino immigrants don’t want to speak English. Forget for a second that it has been shown repeatedly that second generation immigrants or children that come hear at a young age don’t speak Spanish anymore. Also ignoring the fact that many recent immigrants simply don’t have the time to take formal English classes because they are working all the time. No, according to the Demon it’s just being stubborn. He said

“I’m actually saying the thing that needs to be said because the politically-correct climate is bullshit. You don’t want to upset anybody by saying, ‘Learn to speak goddamn English.’ So, as an immigrant, I’m telling you: learn to speak goddamn English. It is the key that will unlock the keys to the kingdom. How about this: if Siri can’t understand you, you’re in trouble.”

This is an old trope of anti-immigration rhetoric. In the early 20th century, Know Nothing types like our current xenophobes, said the same thing about German and Italian immigrants. It’s simply not true. So, why don’t you go spit up some fake blood on your platform shoes and leave the political debates to the smart people, Gene.

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