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George Lopez Goes Nuclear On Heckler

Latino comedian and all around pain in the ass George Lopez went off on a heckler at one of his shows recently. The footage was released by TMZ and is very much NSFW. I have done comedy myself and I can tell you that the heckler is a comedian’s worst nightmare. They are usually just some drunken ass wanting to get attention for themselves but it really throws the comedian off. It all started when Lopez made a fairly racist joke about Latinos hating Black people. He said:

“There are only 2 rules in the Latino family, don’t marry somebody black and don’t park in front of our house.”

A woman in the audience then stood up and gave Lopez the middle finger. This caused Lopez to say:

“Sit your f—in’ ass down! Sit your f—in’ ass down! I’m talking, b—h. So sit your f—-ing ass down!”

Did he go too far? Maybe. MY judgement is clouded by my blinding hatred of George Lopez. He has made an entire career out of exploiting Latino stereotypes for his own gain. He isn’t funny and he tries to be edgy but it just comes off as jerklike. He isn’t as bad as Carlos Mencia, but he’s up there.

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