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George Lopez Reacts To The College Cheating Scheme

The college admission cheating scandal has rocked several prestigious Universities as Hollywood stars and top industry CEO’s to college coaches and standardized test administrators are accuse of participating in a scheme to cheat on admissions tests and to get students into leading institutions as athletes regardless of their abilities.

This scandal has reinforced for many what have long  believed, that  those with wealth and influence have a better chance of getting their kids into tops universities.  This leaves the hardworking middle class and minorities less of a chance to attend these universities.

Ironically this touches on the topic of the documented and undocumented who want a better for their children.  The comedian, George Lopez touched on this topic in a tweet reacting to the scandal with an image of himself thinking out loud, “Let me get this straight… They were faking documents so their children can have a better… hmm
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