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Get Duke Nukem For Your Phone And Relive 1996!

Before there were newfangled games with graphics that made you feel like you were being shot at by Cuban revolutionaries, there was Duke Nukem 3D in all its pixelated glory. This first person shooter from the mid 90s followed the adventures of Duke Nukem, a smack talking, cigar-chomping bastard that he went around killing aliens. Well guess what, foolios? Now you can download this relic of your childhood for your iPhone for $ .99 or ($3.99 on Android) and play that shit like it’s 1996!

Duke Nukem was one of the first games that you could play over a network (LAN parties for the nerdy win!). We spent many afternoons killing our buddies over a slow ass dial-up connection. It was controversial for its graphic violence and the fact that you could hand cash to strippers so that they’d show you their pixelated boobies. We wonder how that will look on an iPhone screen.

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