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Get Ready For The Super Tortilla

Scientists at Mexico’s Center for Advanced Research and Studies have been working on developing a super tortilla. Apparently, the current tortilla making process has a big environmental impact. We thought that little old abuelas pounding out cornmeal into disks was pretty green, but we guess not. It has to do with the lime used in grinding the corn. These new tortillas are made with super nutritious strains of gourmet corn. They have high amounts of fiber, calcium, help prevent osteoporosis, slow down aging, and other advantages. The lime problem is fixed with a type of salt that is engineered into the corn.

While this is all well and good, we say why mess with perfection? We’re all for helping the environment, but we wonder what the cost will be. People in Mesoamerica have been eating tortillas for thousands of years. Did we really need to improve on something that has stood the test of time? We’re really wary of genetic engineering. You never know how it’s going to affect the organisms who eat these genetically modified foods. Will these super tortillas change the genetic makeup of Mexicans? Will the kids born in the next ten years grow up to be a race of giant vatos with super strong bones that live forever? Only time will tell.

Via Fox News Latino.

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