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Giant Portrait of Toddler Peers Over US-Mexico Border Wall

A photo of a giant toddler on the Mexican side of the border peers over the steel wall dividing Mexico from the U.S. The toddler appears to grip the barrier with is fingers, making the wall look like a toy and ready to topple with a giggle.

But who is behind the giant toddler? A french artist who goes by the name moniker “JR” erected the cut-out of the toddler named Kikito which stands 65 feet tall.

JR thought of the idea from a dream he had in which he imagined a kid looking over the border wall.
“And when I woke up, I wondered: ‘What was he thinking?'” he said. “Like for us we know the implication, what it represents, how it divides, but for a kid, I didn’t have the answer.”

Kikito can be found in Tecate Mexico, about 40 miles southeast of San Diego, Ca. This work of art comes when the controversy of “the wall” continues to grow along with DACA.

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