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Girl Scouts Launch Elena Of Avalor Leadership Guide


The Girl Scouts of America joined together with the uberlords at Disney to create a leadership guide based on their not-Latina princess Elena of Avalor. The leadership guide will help the girls develop real world leadership skills and problem solving techniques all led by the plucky somewhat quasi-Hispanic Elena. Girl Scouts CEO Sylvia Acevedo said,

“From seeking new challenges to being empathetic and setting goals to making decisions, the guide can be used as a resource for parents and caregivers to engage and develop their girls’ everyday leadership skills”

Sounds good. Plus it’s nice that they are using Elena to represent the many Latina girls in the organization. Of course, Elena isn’t really Latina. She’s Latina “inspired”. Still it is about as close as Disney has ever come to an actual Latina princess. I don’t see why they can’t make something with either a truly Spanish princess or an Aztec princess or something. They could make it work. Disney should hire me.

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