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Gomez Eat Soap in Odd ‘Fetish’ Video

Selena Gomez releases a new video for her single “Fetish,” featuring Gucci Mane. The video opens on a typical suburban street with the singer walking by carrying grocery bags as she approaches a house. Then everything turns surreal and strange. We see Gomez eat soap, tie a knot of string around her tongue and writhes around the kitchen floor all while she is soaking wet in a pale yellow sun dress.

If that was not strange enough, she continues her strange activities and puts her tongue through an eyelash curler, throws grocery bags against the wall and walks into a big freezer and plays with peaches.

“But I know you won’t leave it, ’cause I know that you need it. Look in the mirror. When I look in the mirror, baby, I see it clearer why you want to be nearer.” Those are some of the lyrics of this surly are track.

Looks like Selena has made a full recovery and is ready to hit the ground running and what a way to show she is back. If you have not seen the video here you to.

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