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Grammy Winner Ian Cuttler Sala Dies In Car Accident Involving Salma Hayek’s Brother

Grammy winning art director Ian Cuttler Sala died in a car accident involving Salma Hayek’s brother Sami. The two were driving in Los Angeles when Hayek lost control of his 2006 Ford GT and smashed into a pickup truck. Sala died on the scene and Hayek broke several ribs but survived. The driver of the pickup truck also survived with a broken foot. It is unclear why Hayek lost control of the vehicle. There appears to be no indication that drugs or alcohol were a factor, though it does look like Hayek was speeding. Sala was a well respected art director who won a Grammy for his work on Johnny Cash: The Legend box set and was nominated for a Louis Armstrong box set as well. He also worked on albums for Billy Joel, Beyonce, Ricky Martin, Marc Anthony, and many others. The Hayek family is very close with members of my extended family and are by all accounts really nice down to Earth people. As far as the many stories I’ve heard, Sami is a good guy and I doubt that there was anything untoward involving the accident. It’s just a shame that the world lost such a talented artist as Sala. Beyonce paid tribute to Sala on her Facebook page writing,

“Rest in Peace Ian Cuttler. Ian was a Grammy Award winning art director and photographer who will be greatly missed. His memorable work includes album covers for Destiny Fulfilled and Dangerously in Love.”

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