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Happy National Taco Day!

I’m not sure who it is that decides these national holidays, but whatever, it’s National Taco Day. That’s the special day that is like Christmas for those of us that love munching on some delicious tacos. Tacos are, in my humble opinion, the perfect food. The tortilla works as both a vehicle to bring the filling to your mouth and as an important part of the flavor of the taco. A bad tortilla can ruin an otherwise great taco. Then you have the filling which can be literally anything from nopales to carnitas and even fish and mango if you are into that sort of thing. Tacos have been a staple of the diet of Meso-Americans since long before Columbus and the Conquistadors showed up. A corn tortilla with stuff in it has existed for literally thousands of years since the ancient people of Mexico first domesticated corn.

Where I grew up in Texas it is more common to eat tortillas made of flour with our tacos. This is because of how plentiful wheat is along the Mexican border. While some might say that this is not an authentic manifestation of the taco, I disagree. There is no “authentic” Mexican cuisine in the sense that it is not a monumental thing. The different regions of Mexico have very different cuisines. The food along the border and in Texas is authentic to that area. So what if they use flour tortillas? It’s what they had. Stop being a hater. I don’t even hate crunchy tacos. I love the nice crunch of a hard shell corn tortilla. Sure, it doesn’t hold together great but it’s fun to eat.

However you like your tacos they are truly one of the great foods on this Earth. So, enjoy as there are so few pleasures left.

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