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Hey Latinos, Cut It Out!: Ugly Pink Quinceañera Dresses

In our “Hey Latinos, Cut It Out!” feature we ask you, our Latino brothers and sisters, to cut out some behavior that is embarrassing the rest of us. We do this in order to foster peaceful coexistence with our non-Latino neighbors and so we aren’t ashamed to be seen with you in public.

One of the most unique and celebrated Latino traditions is the quinceañera. We don’t know about you, but this author was in no less than 8 quinceañeras when I was a teenager. While we are all about the continuation of this great tradition, we do have to ask, do the dresses have to be Pepto Bismol pink? We know that pink is a gendered color in our society, but seriously does it ALMOST ALWAYS have to be a nauseating shade of day-glo pink? The whole point is for the birthday girl to be the center of attention. If you can’t look at her because it burns your retinas, what’s the point? Not to mention that the people in your court have to wear similarly awful shades of pink. Please ladies, pick a different color.



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