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ICE Loses Track Of 1475 Immigrant Children

ICE and the federal government have reached a new low when it comes to the treatment of immigrants from Latin America when it admitted that they have lost track of almost 1500 children of immigrants over the last year. The Trump administration has put into effect a policy to forcibly take children away from their parents if they are detained by ICE. The idea is to put them in foster care until they can figure out what to do with them, often in warehouses with substandard living conditions on military bases. However, almost 1500 of these children cannot be accounted for and very well may have fallen into the hands of human traffickers. Let me be clear, these children were in U.S. custody and they probably ended up being sold into slavery. If you are not outraged by this, you are not human.

Speaking of inhuman, when the press asked the president why these innocent children were not better cared for he said, “They are not innocent”. In his warped mind they don’t deserve to be treated with respect because their parents may have broken the law. Most of these kids came with their parents seeking asylum in the United States to escape from the violence that is plaguing much of Latin America. Not that it should matter but most of these people did not cross the border without documents. The acting head of the HHS said via The Associated Press,

“From October to December 2017, HHS called 7,635 children the agency had placed with sponsors, and found 6,075 of the children were still living with their sponsors, 28 had run away, five had been deported and 52 were living with someone else. The rest were missing, said Steven Wagner, acting assistant secretary at HHS.”

How can this happen? To Trump supporters out there, you can no longer say that you support family values or the lives of children. You support a president that is removing children from their parents and then selling them into bondage. You are supporting a president that will do nothing as our children are repeatedly murdered in schools. Is the only life that matters to you the unborn kind? Or is it just White lives that matter to you. Perhaps it is finally time for Trump supporters to take a moral inventory. History WILL judge us for this.

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