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Jennifer Lopez And Alex Rodriguez Engaged?

Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez were in Boston for the World Series where the couple posted a video on Instagram showing J-lo wearing a huge diamond ring. Could this mean that the former baseball star actually popped the question?

Rodriguez and Lopez knew exactly what they were doing in the social media post, where he encourages her to show off some baseball hand signals she had picked up since dating the former New York Yankee. When Lopez started giving the signs, she showed off a huge rock, leading some to believe the couple is engaged.

Rodriguez captioned the video, “Jennifer, what’s the sign?” and in the clip, she performs a hand signal that signifies a hit and run.

According to reports the couple is not engaged but there relationship has turned into a trail marriage. If all goes well, it may lead to the real thing.

The couple started dating in March 2017, and they have been at the center of engagement rumors for a while.

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