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Jennifer Lopez to Play Drug Lord Griselda Blanco in HBO TV Movie


La bella estrella de NBC’s Shades of Blue is switching sides and joining the bad guys as she will be playing the role of the late drug lord Griselda Blanco.

The film is currently untitled and focuses on the rise and fall of Blanco, the notorious drug lord known as “The Cocaine Godmother” who in the 1970’s and 1980’s became the most powerful female cartel member of all time. Además de ser la protagonista, she will also be an executive producer. “I’ve been fascinated by the life of this corrupt and complicated woman for many years,” Lopez said Wednesday in a statement. “The idea of teaming with HBO felt like the perfect fit for finally bringing Griselda’s story to life.”

Like most drug lords, The Cocaine Godmother is said to have trafficked 300 kilos of cocaine per month during the height of her operations. She ordered dozens of murders incluyendo a sus dos primeros esposos. Que tal, parece que nadie se salvó de su furia. In 1985 Blanco was sentenced to almost two decades in a U.S. prison before she was deported to Colombia. Ya en Colombia se fue a vivir a Medellin, which has a reputation as a favorite home base for drug kingpins and cartels. Griselda Blanco would eventually be killed in Colombia in September 2012.


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