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Jennifer Lopez Seems to Be Aging in Reverse

La bella Jennifer Lopez just turned 49 and she looks impressive. You ask most celebrities how they maintain an ageless appearance and you’re likely to get an answer about drinking lots of water, using sunscreen and getting plenty of sleep. But Jennifer Lopez swears her secret potion is the power of positive thinking.

Claro, there has to be more to her secret potion. She drinks a lot of water, enjoys regular facials and is a firm believer in sunscreen. She gets eight to 10 hours of sleep, she does not drink, smoke and lives a clean life.

She works out with a full-body routine using free weights, medicine ball and partner pushups along with reverse crunches, dumbbell rows, and triceps extensions.

But without a proper diet, all that hard work would go to waste. That often means a protein shake for breakfast, salmon and salad (piled high with veggies like broccoli, zucchini and peppers) for lunch and protein-heavy Latin food for dinner. “I like pork and chicken,” she told Us Weekly, “especially Puerto Rican style!” And like any good celebrity, she totes fruits and vegetables around for snacks. “I do try to eat right,” she told People, “and I don’t always want to.”

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