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Jennifer Lopez To Release An Memoir Called “True Love”

Our girl Jennifer Lopez is working on a memoir entitled True Love. It’s set to be released in October and is based on a series of diary entries that J-Lo kept over a period of several years. Included in the book is her divorce from singer Marc Anthony after nine years of marriage. It was a painful period for Jenny but she said writing the book helped,

“Writing ‘True Love’ has been a deeply cathartic, personal, and vulnerable experience. If it were not for the love and courage given to me by my children.”

This is the first book penned by J-Lo who has previously been somewhat close mouthed about her private life. She felt that her story was one she wanted to tell and that it might help people going through a similar experience. She says,

“Even to this day, I think, ‘Do I put this book out there?’ I did a lot of soul searching and praying, because I don’t ever want it to be mistaken for anything other than what it was, which is sharing something I learned with people I could help.”

Plus, the cover art has Jen with no shirt on. She’s covering the rocks that she’s got with her arm, but still it’s pretty darn sexy. When the book comes out we will give a full book report.

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